Hepatitis C vaccine manufactured at CBF successfully tested in clinical trial

The Phase I trial was led by Prof Ellie Barnes and used a vaccine first manufactured by the CBF in 2008. The vaccine is based on the chimpanzee adeno ChAd3 vector backbone to which genes encoding four proteins from hepatitis C virus were added (developed by Okairos in Italy, now owned by GSK). In the study, a prime-boost vaccination strategy using this ChAd3 vaccine as well as an MVA (modified vaccinia Ankara) vaccine was tested - the CBF labelled and certified both vaccines for this trial.

HepC virus
picture of Hep C virus from EMCDDA website

The study showed promising results in terms of generating an immune response while being safe and well tolerated by volunteers. A further study assessing immunogenicity, efficacy and safety in a larger cohort of volunteers has recently started in the US.

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