See our CBF poster for an overview of our products in clinical trials.

The CBF manufactures vaccines and gene therapy products that are based on human or chimpanzee adenovirus backbones. The disease areas include malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, flu, hepatitis C and cancer. 17 adenovirus products have been manufactured for clinical trials directly or for further processing by third parties. As well as manufacturing IMPs, the CBF also imports, labels and certifies vaccines and gene therapy products for clinical trials.

The first product, AdCh63 ME-TRAP, was produced in three separate batches in 2007, 2010 and 2011, with the last batch size being over 2000 vials.

The following timeline shows all products/batches of viral vector vaccines and gene therapy products manufactured to date:

Timeline - 2017
All products that were finished at the CBF are used in Phase I/Phase II clinical trials in the UK, other EU countries and in Africa. The IMP batches are also labelled at the CBF and certified to trial by one of our QPs.
Products 2017 -1
Products 2017 - 2
Products 2017 - 3
In addition, the CBF imports, labels and certifies batches of IMP that are used in several clinical trials, including for adult and paediatric flu and pneumococcal disease and Ebola