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The Pre-GMP Team provides a smooth transition of novel products from academic research groups and collaborators to GMP manufacture. Pre-GMP processes are performed in dedicated laboratory spaces using dedicated equipment and materials for production of Pre-GMP Starting Materials.  

The production of a viral vector Pre-GMP Starting Material, the precursor to vaccine production, takes place over several months during which the Pre-GMP Team will:

  • Begin the process working with DNA in the early stages of vaccine development
  • Recover and propagate the adenoviral vector in cells in a controlled environment, producing larger quantities while ensuring the quality and stability of the adenoviral vector by thorough testing throughout the process
  • Purify the adenoviral vector to create the Starting Material for the CBF’s Production Team to begin GMP manufacture
  • Perform genetic stability studies of the Pre-GMP Starting Material to ensure the highest quality vaccine is being produced

Process Development is a critical aspect of product development that aims to reduce the costs, risks and timelines for projects entering GMP manufacture. Process Development studies can involve:

  • Technical transfer of an existing process from research project to GMP manufacture
  • Optimisation of an existing process to improve product yield or to decrease time spent in the cleanrooms during GMP Manufacture
  • Development of a new process for GMP manufacture
  • Assay development and optimisation to improve process knowledge
  • Assay qualification to ensure that assays used for product release testing are accurate, precise and reproducible.