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The Pandemic Sciences Institute is hosting the UK GOARN partners this week to discuss hot topics such as operational research and rapid response capacity during outbreaks.


The Global Outbreak Alert & Response (GOARN) Network is a network of technical partners who contribute to the key components of outbreak response. The GOARN operational support team is based at WHO Geneva and at the WHO regional offices. The current chair of the partners is Dr Gail Carson of ISARIC at the University of Oxford.  

Dr Gail Carson said: I look forward to welcoming UK and other European GOARN partners to Oxford to discuss how we can work better together to implement the GOARN strategy. There are changes afoot in the global health space and with GOARN’s 22 years of experience GOARN has a role to play in supporting countries to prepare and respond to outbreaks. 

The Pandemic Sciences Institute was launched in 2022 to discover, create, and enable practical solutions to infectious disease threats worldwide. Its Director, Sir Peter Horby, who is Executive Director of ISARIC, will open the GOARN UK Partners meeting. 

Professor Sir Peter Horby said: ‘We are delighted to host GOARN partners. Epidemics and outbreaks are a clear and present danger and controlling them requires global solidarity. GOARN is an exemplar of long-standing international cooperation for the benefit of global health security.’