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William Parker

QC Technician


  • Working safely in the Quality Control (QC) laboratory and demonstrating an understanding of the criticality of QC assays
  • Documenting all work comprehensively and accurately according to written procedures
  • Contributing to maintenance, update and review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Production Batch Records (PBRs) and forms
  • Performing assays and tasks related to QC of Innovative Medicinal Products (IMPs) for Phase I and II clinical trials under GMP.

QC assays and tasks

  • Incubation and examination of environmental monitoring plates from cleanroom and non-cleanroom environments
  • Shipping of biologicals (e.g. sending environmental monitoring plates for identification of microbial contamination)
  • Testing samples for endotoxins
  • Cell culture
  • Determining concentration of viral vector particles in samples by spectrophotometry
  • Measuring pH of samples
  • Testing container closure integrity for filled drug product vials by dye penetration
  • Performing stability testing on product candidates at regular intervals